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Tue May 23 06:28:53 EDT 2017

Have you determined that the display still locks up with that Radio out 
of the circuit? That seems like a logical first step.

Bill Bina

On 5/22/2017 10:37 PM, John McKay via CnC-List wrote:
> I bought a Garmin wind instrument package a year ago and one of the 
> displays is a GNX 20.
> The display lock continuously. The on/off button does not work. I have 
> to disconnect the power.
> Garmin says this display works flawlessly. They are trying to tell me 
> the problems is because I have an ICOM M604 radio connected to the 
> Garmin system.
> I am having problem believing this because the M604 is NMEA 2000 
> compatible.
> Has anyone had a problem with the GNX 20 display freezing?
> Did you come up with a fix?
> Thank you
> John on Enterprise 33 Mk II
> London Ontario

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