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Maybe more than it could be sold for but definitely not more than it is worth.  Worth is measured in more than dollars and the reality is that to take any boat and make it as it should be can be many thousands or tens of thousands more than the purchase price.  The only difference as I see it is that spending $20,000 on regular maintenance on a newer $250,000 boat seems more normal than doing so on an older $40,000 boat.  They are both still sailboats and cost the same to run.

Lavishing attention on our boats is often reward enough by itself and some may suggest that it is more rewarding to some of us than doing the same to people!

Also spent way too much over the past 4 years (and the 10+ before that!)

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I have sailed and raced my 39TM at least 100,000 miles since purchase in 1975 and even with the original rudder never suffered the round up issued mention earlier in the thread. However, in late 1976 C&C sent me a new and updated deeper rudder "free of charge" and the boat just simply sailed even better. Then in 2002, I had new high aspect rudder designed and built for Honey and improvement was beyond belief. Sadly, the maintenance, new UK sails & general upkeep over the last 4 years costs more than the boat is worth. I can honestly say that our C&C 39 TM has aged like a fine wine, after 42 years of owning her she just keeps getting better, I just wish that her value would increase as well.

I agree, the 39 is the prettiest of the hulls that C&C built and they built some damn good looking boats.

Best regards,
Jack Fitzgerald

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The 39s may have issues, but I swear they have to be about the prettiest thing C&C ever made ☺
I wonder if a short bowsprit and moving the forestay out half a foot would solve the roundup issue. My 35 MK I looks a lot like a 39 with a few feet cut off and we don’t suffer that round-up issue to that extent at all.


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