Stus-List Driveshaft Castel Nut Thread size

Francois Rivard jeanfrancoisrivard at
Tue Jul 2 13:36:01 EDT 2019

Good afternoon all.

I need some help figuring out on the thread castle nut used to hold the
prop on my 34+ .  It's a 1 1/8 stainless steel shaft with a tapered end.  I
know the thread is not 3/4 - 10 because I bought replacement castle nut
with that thread and they did not work, it looked small .

 Long story short I sent my Martec folding prop for a rebuild while I was
in the yard and the post office lost it.  I was able to get back in the
water using my old fixed 3 blader and now I'm looking to replace the prop
with a new Flex - O - Fold.

I have all the other specs I need but I don't know the thread on the castle
nut.  I did not see any marking on the old one nor do I see any info in the
specs listed in the owner's manual.

Again, it's not 3/4 - 10, it might be a metric size?

Thanks in advance for your help

-Francois Rivard
1990 34+ "Take Five"
Lake Lanier, GA
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