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I'd start by contacting Holland marine.  That guy has lots of cnc specific stuff and good adviceThanks, Danny
-------- Original message --------From: Paul via CnC-List <cnc-list at> Date: 7/3/19  7:53 AM  (GMT-05:00) To: cnc-list at Cc: paul.hood at Subject: Stus-List Holding Tank and Archives Hey all, I am looking for info on holding tanks.  I need to replace mine asI suspect its very old and is now cracking (fortunately on the top side fornow).  The crazing lines in the hard plastic are turning to cracks.    I'mlooking for suppliers - maybe even in Canada.  The tank is a triangularshaped under the V-berth.  I know we've discussed them before and I'd loveto look back at the old archive threads but there are over 160 month toindividually walk through.  Side questions - Is there an easier way tosearch all of that, maybe a single search button I'm missing? Knowing thatwould likely lower the traffic around here.Paul Hood'81 C&C 34 - Georgian Bay_______________________________________________Thanks everyone for supporting this list with your contributions.  Each and every one is greatly appreciated.  If you want to support the list - use PayPal to send contribution --
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