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Shawn Wright shawngwright at
Sun Jul 7 19:32:30 EDT 2019

Just read this before heading out for a quick sail to pickup the prawn
trap... and the head started acting up! Seemed to have lost prime on the
seawater intake. At first I though it was plugged, but it was just sucking
air. After a few minutes, I finally got it going again. No pleasant as the
Jabsco replacement has a nasty habit of pumping air back in the bowl and
spraying water everywhere, so keep the lid down!

Anyway, probably not much help to you, but the label on the cabinet
indicates the original was a PAR (I think), and the Jabsco seems to fit ok,
although only 3 of the 4 mounting bolts line up. Not sure if the PO had to
drill new holes or not. Given the cost of rebuild kits (~$100 CAD) vs a new
toilet (~$150 CAD), if this problem happens again, it's probably time for a
new one, or I will consider making a composting unit fit. It seems the
holding tank vent line is shared with the vented loop vent line, so when
flushing, nasty smells fill the bowl as air is drawn from the holding tank.
Possibly the vent through-hull is plugged... next thing to check. I have
spent more time on the head than any other item so far, and would gladly
say goodbye to the whole mess if a composter would work!

Shawn Wright
shawngwright at
S/V Callisto, 1974 C&C 35

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> Hello:
> I have a 1985 C&C 33 and i am looking to replace the manual  toilet.  I
> want to replace it with one that has the same foot print for fastening it.
> Does anyone know what i can replace it with to match and where could locate
> one?  The old paperwork indicates it might have been a W.C Marin Marine
> Toilet
> Thanks
> Ray
> LakeHouse
> Milwaukee, WI
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