Stus-List CBC 26 rudder post

James Hesketh jameshesketh at
Sun Jul 14 14:20:42 EDT 2019

Wish I'd seen this earlier, just got home from working on my '78 26.

Mine does have a fitting and cover.
I'll make sure to go by tomorrow and take a few pics.

I've been doing a lot of "40-year maintenance" this past year and if you
have any questions feel free to contact me.

Jim Hesketh
1978 C&C 26 Whisper
Miami, FL

Can someone with a cnc 26 (1978) send me a picture of the rudder post/
>>> tiller attachment. I recently purchased a 26 and the post is just a tube
>>> with a hole drilled in it for the screw that holds the tiller handle. It
>>> doesn’t look right.  Shouldn’t it have some kind of fitting on top of the
>>> post for the handle to attach to, also cover the top of the post?
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