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Here's my information
1. Where do you race?
San Francisco Bay
2. What wind conditions are the rule and exception there?
Summer - Westerly winds up to 30 knots (every afternoon) in the summer - a
lot lighter  and more variable October - February
3. What kind of courses do you sail?
All sorts - I prefer the longer races
4. What sail plan do you fly?
Main, #3 jib (110%) usually in the summer, #1 (155%) in the lighter winds,
5. What model of boat are you racing?
C&C 29 mk 1
6. What PHRF rating do you race with? (please list adjustments)
7. What is your boat’s fastest point of sail?
Most competitive on very broad reach to run.  Upwind is a struggle in the
high winds, but I play the currents well.
8. Is there leapfrogging in your races, or do boat-for-boat positions stay
fairly constant?
Depends - I usually do a lot of catching up off the wind
9. How many boats are you usually competing against?
club racing: 5-10, inter-club racing on the bay: 50-150.  Most I have raced
against is 350 (Three Bridge Fiasco in January)
10. In general, how well do you perform in racing results?
Usually on the podium

And now a few more subjective questions:

11. Do you think your boat’s rating assumes you’ll race it on a particular
kind of course with a particular sail plan?
Well yes!!  I race against Newport 30's , Olson 25's, J-24's and a Cal 34
Mk 1 which is rated 174.  (He has me easily upwind and I overtake him
12. How do you think your local rating authority determines the rating for
your boat?
The NCPHRF is a good committee and I think they do a really good job.The
committee includes well known racers such as Seadon Wijsen, Jim Antrim,
Stan Honey and Kame Richards (Pineapple Sails)
13. What do you think are the most important factors in your performance
against your competition?
Tactics!!  Good start, playing the currents and being aggressive on my
competitors downwind.  I have a superb crew that can handle the spinnaker
really well.  Takedowns occur inside 2 boatlengths of the leeward mark.
14. What do you think are the most important race tactics for beating your
Being smart - thinking ahead.  And race preparation, studying the wind
forecast and knowing what the currents are going to do.  The San Francisco
Bay is a very technical race zone.

Hope this helps you.
Ian Matthew
"Siento el Viento"  C&C 29-1
San Francisco Bay
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