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The original rudder stock for my 38 mkll was made from 3” schedule 80 stainless tube (3 ¼” OD). I know from experience that the 38LF was built with either a stock made from 3 ¼” OD bar stock, or from 3 ¼” Schedule 80 tube (3 ½” OD IIRC). My replacement rudder was made using the stock from the 38LF that used to be called Banana Wind. When he lost his rudder, South Shore made him a new one, but used the wrong diameter rudder stock and had to supply a second rudder with the other diameter stock.


So there are C&Cs out there with both solid and tube stocks.


The solid stock rudder has a machined head for mounting the emergency tiller. On the stock made from tube stock, the machined head is a plug that is welded to the top of the rudder shaft. Looking for the weld might be an easy way to tell what material was used.


I guess my basic question for the group would be “Why does PHRF want to know in the first place?” As far as I can recall, the solid bar stock used in my replacement rudder was less than 100 pounds, and that was only 40 or 50 pounds more than the weight of the old hollow tube. Would 50 pounds really make a noticeable performance difference in a boat weighing 12-14,000 pounds?


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Both of my C&Cs, a 27 MKIII and our current 37/40+ have solid shafts.  I would be shocked if it was not solid. 


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