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I have seen some recommendations to use two thinner tapes with a bead of
Dow in between them. The final outside bead of sealant is done after the
bond has set, much easier to get pretty results when you are only doing
that one thing instead of as part of the assembly circus.

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> Inch wide tape would be more than strong enough. IMHO.
> Doug Mountjoy
> Sv Rebecca Leah
> LH39
> Port Orchard YC wa.
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> Subject: Stus-List Fixed port ahead of slider, C&C 37/40+
> Hello all,
> I am (finally!) getting ready to replace the fixed port ahead of the
> slider on my C&C 37/40+.  We successfully replaced the slider which had
> turned to rather ugly, clouded blue plexiglass rather than the original
> bronze color as a result of exposure to UV.  The fixed one is 22" x 31" and
> is presumably stuck down using Plexus as the side windows were.  In this
> case, the Plexus is 1 1/2" wide.
> I am thinking that when I get the VHB tape to replace the Plexus, I should
> go with tape that is 1.25" wide instead of and inch and a half to allow
> some room for the Dow 795 sealer to go between the deck and the tape to
> ensure a water tight seal.  Coming up with tape (or a combination of tape
> widths to equal 1 3/8" is proving problematic.
> Do you agree with my proposed approach, or should I just go with 1 1/2"
> wide tape?
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