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I have always found in most boat that just putting it in reverse (engine off, of course) will lock the shaft enough for the prop to feather, and then put in neutral. I don’t think they go back to rotating after feathering.


Bill Coleman

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Maybe this is a reason why Hurth says that you should not leave it in reverse (or in forward). The transmission should be always in neutral. There was even a bulletin saying that if you leave it in reverse, the warranty would be voided. Of course, none of our boats have any warranty (:-)




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We also put our boat in reverse to stop the prop spinning while sailing.  It is a feathering prop but it doesn't always feather and stop unless we do put it in reverse.  This is usually some time after we shut the engine down and then notice a slight vibration from the spinning prop.


It is then very hard to get it out of reverse unless we start the engine so the engine get started in reverse frequently, at idle, them quickly shifted to neutral.


Ken H.


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Dan, I’ll let you know where and how when pull the old one. 

May be awhile as cold and snowing. 


Another question. My broken cable is self inflicted.  While sailing in heavy winds I tried to tried to shift from reverse to neutral. Because it did not want to shift, I applied a lot of pressure.  That broke the cable.  What caused the transmission to bind up?  I assumed the prop was not spinning while in reverse. 


Fred Hazzard 

S/V Fury

C&C 44

Portland Or 


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