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I have to agree about the interval.


On my 25, with hank on headsails and use on weekends for day sails, The sail comes off and gets folded and stowed  every time I use the boat. On my 38, with roller reefing and a 135% genoa, the sail gets changed and stowed maybe once every two years.


And I fold my hank on sails with a different pattern than the sails with luff tape. With a luff tape, each fold is parallel to the foot of the sail and the head of the sail ends up approximately in the middle of the sail before I start rolling it up. But when I was learning to sail on Lake Michigan 5 decades ago with hank on sails, I learned to fold the sail perpendicular to the luff so all the hanks were exposed. That way you could put the sail down on the deck, connect the tack, put all the hanks on the Headstay, and then just unroll the sail and hoist. And that minimizes the time you need to stand on the pointy end of the boat for a sail change.


Oh, and on my 16’ dinghy, I install the sail before launching the boat, and anyway the sail is small enough and light enough cloth that I can basically just push it into the sailbag if need be.


Rick Brass

Washington, NC




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Hi Joe, I answered the survey. A quick comment, your son may want to chaange the multiple choise answer options to the question on how often do you fold sails on your boat. The most frequent interval he offers is 3+ time per season. On the race boat we fold sails 3+ times per week!





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