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 Chuck; if you, (or any other 41 owner) have the spec sheets from the Great Lakes Museum, there is a page in those sheets which details where C&C sourced the various deck fittings and parts: I have the sheet for a 37 and it is invaluable even today....the sheet for my boat states the part number and source for all stanchions, pulpits,etc;
 s/v Bushmark4: 1985 C&C 37 CB: Ohio River, (going back up again...).
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Hello all,
Nearly 2 weeks after her tumble, I'm trying to get our 41 back together and looking to source some parts.Thus far it seems like we have more composite and gelcoat repair than broken parts. As long as things work out with insurance and logistics, we hope to make a full recovery.Since all my stanchions and most bases were damaged, I will be replacing all of them along with the lifelines.  I found that South Shore Yacht in Ontario may have all that I need there. The Bow rail suffered a slight bend, but fixable.  The stern rail, on the other hand... looks like it will need a lot of work.  It might be more economical to find a decent used one.  Here's where I need some help.Any ideas?  Also, would anyone know if we would be close in dimension to any other design (even a non-C&C)?  Maybe I can swap in something close.
Thanks in advance,Chuck

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