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Given heavy-gauge single-conductor, I’d guess grounding cable for lightning protection.  I wonder what the PO did with the 20 feet of cable at the base.

Grenadine has a short AWG 0 gauge battery cable bolted to the mast box on one end and a keel bolt on the other end.  No such long cable in the mast.

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> I have the mast of my C&C 30 MK1 down for rebuild right now.  Just replaced the wiring and found a cable I’m not sure about.  It is a heavy gauge stranded single conductor wire, maybe 1/8 or 3/16, with a thick red insulation on it.  If I had to guess, a heavy ground wire.  There is about 20 feet of cable coiled at the base of the mast and it goes all the way to the top of the mast, where it just sticks out 6 or 12 inches.
> Did these boats have lightning rods or something originally?  Is there something that a big ground wire would do that a 45 foot hunk of aluminum wouldn’t do?  I’m afraid to ask this one, as it is probably a religious argument, but should the mast (or a lightning rod??) be grounded to a keel bolt or something?  If there is supposed to be a lightning rod, does anybody have a picture of one and how it is mounted?
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