Stus-List Broken paddle wheel on speed transducer

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Tue Mar 12 14:42:32 EDT 2019

You might want to look closely at your housing, the same thing happened to
me fall 2017, and we determined the sling pressed up on the wheel, cracking
the top of the housing where the 1/4" Pin pokes through, holding the
transducer in the housing. There was nothing to keep the transducer from
being forced up into the hull with water pressure.   And this DIDN'T even
break the paddlewheel!
On another note, altho we did jury rig it with a sheet metal screw through
another part of the housing to make it home, the speed was registering
around 170 - 190 MPH - So, in other words, it was completely shot. Your
results may vary.

Bill Coleman
C&C 39 Erie, PA

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During haulout, the paddle wheel was broken, part of the St60+ unit.  Does
anyone know of a Raymarine shop that offers used or repaired units for

Liz McDonald
C&C 44

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