Stus-List Does West Marine still put manual heads on sale every year?

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When you replace the pump, be careful not to break the elbow that connects to the waste discharge hose. In my case, the new elbow would not fit (I don’t remember why) and I reused the old one. It fit perfectly with the new pump.

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I have a Jabsco head....the pump was leaking sea water back into the head on starboard tack....I priced a rebuild kit...the price for a whole new pump was marginally higher than a rebuild kit and a whole easier to swap....go for a new one....forget the rebuild.

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Hello all,

Years ago, before I bought a Raritan base for my old boat, I would see West Marine put the Wilcox Crittenden Head Mate, and then the Jabsco heads on sale.  Usually it made more sense to swap out the entire head than to pay the price of the overhaul kit.

Do they still do that?

I need to get an overhaul kit or replace the one I have.

Thanks for the input,

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