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This happens here too.  If I were an insurance underwriter I would want to exclude this sort of damage as leaving a jib on the furler with boat stored is not good practice.  It seems to be a great way to have insurance pay for a new sail … unless of course it destroys the dock system or causes a boat to fall over on another.

I have always wondered why marinas simply do not remove jibs from furlers when on hard and add a $100 surcharge to the owners marina bill.  Would save everyone a lot of grief and also provide incentive for people to store their boats and ails more properly.

OTOH hurricanes and storms do come up during the sailing season with boats in the water and owners away.  Jibs often unfurl then as well

My 0.02

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I have seen so many jobs unfurl and shred over the years both in Monroe Harbor in Chicago and down here in Florida that I'm surprised that:

1.  yards allow people to store boats with jobs still on the furler;
2.  people haven't learned to safety tie their job when leaving the boat.

Why aren't there more articles about ensuring good jib/genoa safety?

Every time we leave for the weekend or expect winds more than about 20 mph when we're on the boat overnight we grab a sail tie and tie it around the jib.

Unwrapped jib tip boats off cradles and tear them off anchors and moorings.

Sheesh...  Just plain good common sense!

Bruce Whitmore
C&C 37/40+ "Astralis"

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