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Let's not forget that a furling line can chafe through, a line you thought  was cleated properly might not be, genoa sheets can flap badly in heavy wind and cause extra stress, and I've even heard some folk recommend against cleating the genoa sheets using the self-tailers due the potential for pawl wear & damage if the sheets are flapping.
Our marina asked firmly (OK, demanded) that everyone take off all their canvas as Irma approached.  Most of us complied, and would have pulled everything down even without the request.  However, some negligent folks who never seem to get to their boat did not.  I even saw someone try to tie down their wicker furniture on the upper deck of their power boat using bungee cords (as though that was really going to help).  
I'm in the insurance business, and yes, I would exclude shredded jibs from coverage, but I might go further and double the deductible for loss of the boat for any boat that came off a mooring or dragged anchor with a loose jib.  

Seriously though, 15 seconds to tie off the genoa when you're walking off the boat isn't too much to ask!

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