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Sat Mar 16 12:09:13 EDT 2019

To add to the previous replies, I have a mid-boom preventer (think it 
came with the boat, it's old) that has two "clamp" devices that each fit 
around one side of the boom and have a lip that reaches down into the 
bolt rope slot on top of the boom.  They both are shackled to a 4:1 
tackle that at the bottom which has a snap shackle to the toe rail.  
Here on Long Island Sound I mostly use it to pull against the mainsheet 
and thus lock the boom in place as I bounce in the motorboat slop....

Neil Gallagher
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Glen Cove, NY

On 3/16/2019 11:44 AM, David Knecht via CnC-List wrote:
> I have been thinking aobut rigging a preventer on my boat so re-read 
> this old discussion of how people rig them. End boom attachment sounds 
> preferable, but does that have to run outside the shrouds?  If so, 
> then you would have to rig it before letting the main out while you 
> can stlill get to the end of the boom.  Then, how do you gybe when you 
> want to?
>   I have a single reef point on my new main, so I have an extra 
> internal boom line and sheave  from the second reef setup that exits 
> at the rear of the boom.  I am thinking that if i put a long enough 
> line with a snap shackle at the end where it exits the boom, I could 
> use that as a preventer.  Before letting the main out downwind, you 
> would grab the shackle and run it forward to the toe rail near the bow 
> and clip it in and then have control from the stopper on the cabin 
> top.   Thoughts?  Dave
> PS- No expectation of offshore/big waves racing in my future so this 
> is a cruising/club racing solution
> S/V Aries
> 1990 C&C 34+
> New London, CT
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