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Just a fine technical point on the difference between a Barber hauler and
an outboard sheet.  I hope I'm right on this.  It's a fine distinction.

A Barber hauler (invented by the Barber brothers) is used in conjunction
with the primary jibsheet.  As one sails a bit off the wind and eases the
jibsheet, the leech of the headsail will tend to open and twist off a bit.
A Barber hauler is rigged to pull the clew outboard and down to reduce
twist while opening the slot.  See:

An "outboard sheet" like we often use on Touche' is simply a sheet rigged
to a snatch block on the toe rail which carries the full load of the
headsail.  The primary jibsheet (the one rigged through the car on the
genoa track) is fully slacked.

Now, if we were to take a bit of load on the primary sheet as well as the
outboard sheet, then we would have a Barber hauler configuration.  By
adjusting the tension on the two sheets, you can control both the height
and the inboard/outboard position of the clew of the headsail.  Provides a
lot of control for the leech of the headsail.

Yeah, I know, your brain hurts and it's way more knowledge than most of us

Dennis C.
Touche' 35-1 #83
Mandeville, LA
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