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Sat Mar 16 16:31:34 EDT 2019

We used a boom break on DejaVu for offshore racing and it worked great.
Its  mid-boom attachment system however  not so much a preventer as a break
being applied (think driving your car) to slow down the energy of an
accidental jibe.  We used to do intentional jibes at speed with good winds
knowing it limits velocity of boom coming across. Handy.

Steve Thorne

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> I have been thinking aobut rigging a preventer on my boat so re-read this
> old discussion of how people rig them. End boom attachment sounds
> preferable, but does that have to run outside the shrouds?  If so, then you
> would have to rig it before letting the main out while you can stlill get
> to the end of the boom.  Then, how do you gybe when you want to?
>   I have a single reef point on my new main, so I have an extra internal
> boom line and sheave  from the second reef setup that exits at the rear of
> the boom.  I am thinking that if i put a long enough line with a snap
> shackle at the end where it exits the boom, I could use that as a
> preventer.  Before letting the main out downwind, you would grab the
> shackle and run it forward to the toe rail near the bow and clip it in and
> then have control from the stopper on the cabin top.   Thoughts?  Dave
> PS- No expectation of offshore/big waves racing in my future so this is a
> cruising/club racing solution
> S/V Aries
> 1990 C&C 34+
> New London, CT
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