Stus-List Gybe preventer, now Boom Brake

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I think this is an interesting read: or even better: (from the horse’s mouth, a PDF).

Even with the boom preventer one should be careful how the boats is helmed.

The main issue there was not related to the boom preventer, but the preventer itself was incorrectly rigged and failed catastrophically.

On any boat of reasonable size (anything bigger than a dingy) I always gybe using the mainsheet to bring the boom to the centreline and then releasing it in controlled manner. By doing it always, I make sure that I would do it correctly, when the wind is strong enough to make any damage.


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In my opinion boom brakes are more work and clutter than they are worth.  I always tend the mainsheet when performing a gybe.  By tend I mean center the traveler and pull in the sheet to center the boom.  As the gybe occurs I quickly release the sheet.  On multiple occasions I've seen main sails pop as a result of uncontrolled or "forced over" gybes.

Care is always required when going downwind but with an attentive helmsman a preventer can sometimes be avoided.  Most boats are actually slower dead downwind so pick one side or the other.  The most often time when a preventer is unavoidable is wing and wing.

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Thanks for all the info on preventers.  I plan to use the advice to rig one when spring finally arrives and use it on long downwind cruises.  This discussion also led me to look into boom brakes.  I have always been concerned about getting hit by the boom on a gybe, and being 6’ 3”, it is a particular problem.  I had never thought of a boom brake as a device for my safety as opposed to the boat’s safety but realize now that this might be well worth installing on both accounts.  They seem to come in simple inexpensive solutions (<>) to more complicated and expensive devices (<>).  In all cases, I worry about another couple of lines to trip over when moving on the side decks, thus trading one hazard for another.  Thoughts?  Dave

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