Stus-List 29MKII Introduction and questions: Water intrusion; Wiring Diagram; Line Lengths

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Hi Jeremy - 
I have an ‘84 MkII and appreciate your comments ! Experienced all ...mixed luck fixing all. 
I have the original wiring diagrams etc as received the owners manual when I purchased her yrs ago from the original owner. 
Pm me off list and I can send that as well as rigging or other info you my need. 
Solomons, MD 

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> On Mar 18, 2019, at 2:46 AM, Jeremy Heather via CnC-List <cnc-list at> wrote:
> Hello everyone! We are the proud new owners of S/V Storm King, a 1983 C&C 29MKII, Hull# 201. I’ve been following this thread since having been introduced to it by my friend, fellow club member and fellow 29MKII owner shortly after purchasing our new girl last November. She comes to us in pretty good shape from another club member who has owned her for the past 13 or 14 years.
> My biggest immediate concerns are her windows in the main saloon and the water collecting in the bilge as she sits on the hard for the winter. My friend with his ’86 MKII seems to experience a similar issue. I can find no obvious source of the water, but every couple of weeks I have to pump a few gallons of water out of the bilge. Does anyone else have this issue and any possible leads on the source of the water? It seems quite significant, considering. The hull/deck seal appears to be in excellent shape everywhere that I have checked, and I see no traces of leaks from any deck fittings. The mast boot is in excellent shape. The foredeck does have a considerable amount of softness around the babystay and anchor locker that will need to be addressed in the near future, but, again, no obvious signs of significant water intrusion to the cabin. As I mentioned, the windows in the saloon are completely shot and must be replaced before this season. I have done a bit of research on the Photo Album site and understand this is not the easiest job. I hope to have the assistance of another club member and previous owner of the other 29MKII in replacing the windows. The boat is covered by a tarp for the winter, so there is no water intrusion through the windows at the moment, though there certainly will be when the cover is removed. Any advice would be gratefully received.
> I’m also in search of a wiring diagram for the vessel. I have ordered the owner’s manual from Stu and I’m hoping I will find something there. If anyone has a copy of the diagram they would be willing to share, please let me know. The panel was replaced a number of years ago, but, save the VHF, there appears to be no functioning electrical in the mast.
> Lastly, the control lines for the mainsail will have to be replaced this year. Does anyone know where I can find a listing of the line lengths for the outhaul, Cunningham, reefing, mainsheet, etc? Most of the control lines are missing, with the exception of the mainsheet, so I have no way of measuring the old lines. All I have been able to deduce is that they are all or mostly internal. May prove tricky to install.
> I look forward to hearing from you all and your wealth of knowledge. My wife and I are thrilled to have the opportunity to join the C&C family as we have admired the make from afar for a number of years. We just moved up to the 29 from our first boat, a wonderful little ’78 Catalina 25 that we completely restored. She taught us everything we know, but now we feel like we have a grown-up boat.
> Thanks in advance!
> Jeremy & Heather
> S/V Storm King
> Fleet Captain, Chelsea Yacht Club
> Newbugh, NY
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