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Agree with philosophy of not using main in heavy winds astern. 
OTOH, I wonder about the unbalanced forces on the stays/boat when a stern wind is 30+ knots even with some ofthe 'telephone pole' masts on some C&Cs when only a head sail is flown.
Mine mast is rather bendy with check stays and in high winds downwind, in addition to keeping her under control, I admit to some fear of a gravity storm if I only used the head sail (or with both sails for that matter!).
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Subject: [EXTERNAL] Re: Stus-List Gybe preventer, now Boom Brake    Or leave the main down downwind.   Anytime it blowing hard enough to worry about jibing,  main is probably not going to add alot of speed, but will cause more helm and worry.    Jib alone is so simple.    David F. Risch, J. D. Gulf Stream Associates, LLC  (401) 419-4650  _______________________________________________

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