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I was the one going downwind in 50+. It was actually fun and easy. We set jib behind a cliff before being exposed to the full force of the wind and the waves were having the tops ripped off by the wind, so seas were not high. The boat balanced just fine with the working jib and held a steady 10-11 knots boatspeed.
What was NOT fun and easy was getting the sail down and getting back upwind. That was quite the wrestling match and I was glad to have a helper.

Joe Della Barba
C&C 35 MK I

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I went sailing with friends recently in heavy air and the winds built to 35 to 40 on my old C&C 36.  I had thought I would set a reefed main but found instead that I kept rolling the #3 up instead and never wanted for a main. The helm still felt good.

Here is a quick video a friend took that day:

Please forgive the fender that rolled overboard and dragged in the video, the sail trim, etc.  I know better but was busy with non-sailing friends and happy to keep everyone safe.

The boat performed well and pumping the backstay kept the jib from being too full.  I only regret that I did not furl enough soon enough and did not furl enough overall even though I was at probably 50% furl. That was the most wind I've sailed this boat in.

I think the sturdy masthead rig is good without a main if need be.  A main would help reduce backstay loading as part of the load would be transmitted through the mainsheet.  My mainsheet is on the cabin top and doesn't have the leverage of the backstay though.

I believe it was Dennis who mentioned he sailed in 50+ downwind.  wow.  I haven't gotten this boat going that fast.  I am a big fan of jib only in heavy air downwind.

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