Stus-List C&C 25 mark 1 1973 slippery non skid

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Tue Mar 19 21:50:26 EDT 2019

Sand e3ck and apply kiwifruit grip. Will be great and look even better

The 25-1 is a fabulous boat. Congratulations

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You could try Aurora Marine's Sure Step first.  A paste wax that is supposed to restore non slip.  tried some on our old Southcoast 23.  Seemed to work pretty well.  Sold her shortly after application to buy our Redwing 35 (C&C 35-1) so I didn't get a feel for how long it lasted.  I am a fan of Aurora products.  Richard Kittar, the owner used to hang out on the list way back when.

Neil Schiller
1983 C&C 35-3, #028, "Grace"
Crosswinds Marine, Whitehall, Michigan

On 3/19/2019 7:11 PM, alain hogue via CnC-List wrote:
I just bought a C&C 25 mark 1 1973 and my non skid is very slippery when I am working on deck barefoot. Do you have somekind of trick to make it less slippery because I dont want to paint it with Kiwigrip and I want to keep the original gelcoat on it

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