Stus-List Genoa track leaking on a '94 37/40+, can't seem to access underside?

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That is fascinating, On the Enterprise, there are holes with plastic covers all along that underside. I’m guessing the previous owner of yours sealed that all up. I wonder why. 

I’m thinking you’re going to have to figure out exactly where the holes were and drill new ones (and get new caps) — spooking of which, does anyone know a source e to get new caps? 

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On Mar 20, 2019, at 9:27 AM, Bruce Whitmore via CnC-List <cnc-list at> wrote:

Hello all,

I saw a while back that Josh Muckley had taken off and rebedded his port side Genoa track, and had tightened the port side, in both cases eliminating leaks.  I have a slight leak as well, and tried some Captain Tolley's in the short term, and it helped but did not eliminate the issue.  I'd like to deal with it more permanently.  The issue is, I cannot seem to find where to access any of the nuts on the underside.  I've looked in the cabinets, etc.  Included are links to a couple photos.  In the last photo, you can see where the track is mounted immediately outside the fixed port, and from there, looking at the inside you can see where, if the nuts were going to be accessible, they should be immediately behind the wood "rail" that shields the small light above the fridge.  

View of fridge and galley area.jpg <>
View of underside of Genoa track.jpg <> <>

Any ideas?

I could try simply tightening them from the top, but I'd be concerned about spinning the nut on the underside and tearing up the sealant that is there, making the leak worse.

Looking forward to your insights, 

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