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The subject of reef points was a topic when my sailmaker and I were
discussing specs for my new mainsail two years ago. As I recall, he said it
would be typical to install the reef points so the first reef reduced the
mainsail area by about 25%, and the second reef point would reduce the
original sail area by about 50%.


Since I was going offshore, the subject of adding a third reef came up.
Since my boom is only set up for two reef points, the recommendation was to
go with a deep second reef (about 58% reduction), and I elected to go up a
bit on the cloth that was used for the main since I might need to fly it in
somewhat rough conditions.


My mainsail has 5 full battens and a Strongtrack system; because of the
batten cars, the stack height at the second reef is fairly high, so the dog
bones for the reef cringle are pretty long to compensate.


On balance, it is probably a conversation you should be having with your
sail maker.


Rick Brass

Washington, NC



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I have a 33MKII and all my mainsails have a single reef point.

I do have two reefing lines in my boom so I can accommodate a second reef
and am thinking of having one installed.


My questions are:

1)   Do other 33MKII have as second reef? 

2)   Are they beneficial?

3)   Where on the mainsail is the upper reef?


I race on Lake Michigan and we have had some nasty winds the last two years.



Lee Rosenbaum


1985 33MKII

Kenosha, WI





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