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Sam Tunanidas samataad at
Tue Mar 26 14:28:29 EDT 2019

Hi All, I usually marina hop and have yet to anchor overnight.  We plan on doing that this year in the muddy Chesapeake Bay.  Our boat is a Landfall 38.  The chocks (used for dock lines) on the front of the boat do not look convenient for anchoring due to the angle of the pull. My question is will it be okay to leave my eight plait line run through the rollers with a Chafe-Pro chafe guard at the point of chafe as long as I add something to keep the line from jumping out of the rollers?  Are the stem fittings on the LF38 strong enough to handle the load should the wind pipe up to 40 mph or so.  They appear to be.  I have the double roller style stem fitting.  Rarely see 40 mph here in the Bay but it does happen. If the forecast for the wind is higher we usually stay home.  Too much like work when you are 70 years old.   Thank you,Sam TunanidasGlide Path LF38
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