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You're not wasting any time are you?!  Forgive me if you already described
this boat defect but how bad was the keel joint that you are already
tearing in to it?  Most people live with a smile for a few years, then
tighten the bolts and wait another few years, then if needed perform some
type of additional remediation.

You didn't describe if the goo was water soluble.  All types of biological
growth and slime occurs when water gets trapped and bilges are subject to
collect lost of various liquids.

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> While cutting out the rubbery sealant between the keel joint on my 35-2, I
> came across a spot on the starboard side, about 14-16" from the aft end of
> the keel, where some black goo came out. It has a consistency of grease,
> with no obvious smell.
> Any idea what this might be? Perhaps some water in the cavity which
> prevented the sealant from curing in that area? It only appears in a small
> 3-4" long section.
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