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Shawn Wright shawngwright at
Sat May 4 12:17:49 EDT 2019

I'm posting this for reference, in case it is helpful to anyone. The prop
on our new 35-2 is a Campbell Sailor 3 blade, marked 14 1/2 RH P16, on a 1"
shaft. It is driven by a 40hp VW diesel, through a Hurth 100 2.5:1
transmission. The engine does not have a tach, but I plan on adding one so
I can see how things compare with engine speed vs: boat speed.

While the shaft overhang is quite long at about 12" beyond the cutlass
bearing and strut, a surveyor looked at it and said he'd seen quite a few
done this way, and didn't feel it was an issue, and the shaft was true. Of
course, if I snag a line, I am more likely to bend something, so I will
exercise care. My only options to reduce the overhang are moving to a long
strut closer to the prop, or installing a smaller prop and shortening the
shaft. I'm at a 16 pitch now, so I don't know if a smaller prop with a
steeper pitch will work. I'll investigate that if the current setup starts
to cause issues.

Shawn Wright
shawngwright at
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