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First, as Neil said, many of us have rebuilt the mast step.

Touche's was also 3-4 pieces of marine plywood bonded together across the
shoulders of the bilge sump.  I removed all the old wood and ground/sanded
the shoulders to expose "virgin" glass.  I then built a new step from many
layers of glass.  I made a form by placing a piece of cardboard as a floor
and a couple pieces of cardboard forward and aft.  There was room under the
floor for drainage and passage of cables.  I just laid in layers of glass
making sure I got a good bond with the shoulders of the bilge.  It was
basically a brute force approach.  You can generally lay in 3-5 layers of
glass or 2-3 layers of roving at a time without worrying about heat

I also had the aluminum step box remade.  It was just pieces of aluminum
angle welded together.  A local sheet metal shop did it.

My recommendations are as follows:

1.  Measure everything against known reference points.  Consider the
existing step may have subsided a bit and allow for that subsidence.
Here's a link to some pics showing some of my measurement marks:

2.  Allow for drainage and passage of cables under the step.  Consider
laying a conduit like a piece of PVC pipe under the step.  Allow clearance
for a bilge pump aft of the step.

Dennis C.
Touche' 35-1 #83
Mandeville, LA

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> Looking for advise/photos/instruction on doing a mast step replacement.
> Have searched and looked at some previous posts just seeing if there's any
> more ideas out there. Also have a small leak around our rudder post, any
> ideas as to what can be done to remedy that?
> Thanks,
> Jeff Helsdingen
> Caposhi
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