Stus-List [C&C 38 Mk 3] Cracks on the keel

Olivier Chatot ochatot at
Thu May 9 19:24:37 EDT 2019

Hi all,

I'm considering buying a C&C 38 Mk3, but I've noticed something on the keel
that worries me.

There is a horizontal crack on both sides of the keel. The cracks stretch
almost the full length of the keel. It's present at the same depth on both
sides, but it's more noticeable starboard. (see drawing)

The cracks are at the same depth as the keel bolts in the bilge (see
photo). The keel bolts seem to be all in good condition.

The crack is approx 43 cm (17 inch) lower than the base of the belly of the
hull, measured from the outside.

Drawing, and photo&video of the bilge here:

By the way, this C&C 38 has the wing keel option.

Have you seen something like this before?
Do you think this is superficial, or structural?
In your opinion, is it a deal-breaker for the purchase?

Any opinion, comment and advise is greatly appreciated.

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