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There is not enough slack in the cable to pull it off the quadrant – if I could do this there would be enough slack to pull the end of the chain up through the binnacle for inspection, but now the only way to get more slack is to take a pulley off, something I am reluctant to do.


We tried tightening the nut to break the stud out, but no luck (but it has not been treated with penetrating oil yet).    There is no nut on the cable side of the stud, but I think it is a good idea to do this when re-assembling.




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How much slack is in the cable?  Can you put the nut back on and try to tighten it to pull the stud through the hole a bit and break it loose?


Also, there should be a nut on the cable side of the stud.  That is, on each side of the hole in the quadrant.  See:


Were that the case, you could have used that nut to possibly pull the stud out.


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We have a 1981 C&C34 and want to do an inspection of the chain within the binnacle that connects to the steering cable.  To do this the cable must be disconnected from the quadrant in order to pull the chain up through the binnacle once the compass is removed. Once out I intend to inspect the links for cracks with a magnifying glass.  The wire cable itself has a screw fitting swaged on to it and the screw fitting passes through a hole in the quadrant and is secured with two nuts.  With the nuts backed off the screw fitting would not budge, and it appears the stainless screw is corroded in the hole in the aluminum (?) quadrant.    Does anyone have suggestions on getting the screw fitting out of the hole without damaging the fitting or the quadrant.  Access is quite limited.   See photos at: 






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