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Look to see how the water in the front tank affect how your boat sits in the water.  I just sold a Bristol 40 that gets a bit bow heavy when the front tank is full (water weighs ~8.8 lbs per gallon)

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I have been wrestling with what I thought was a leak in the tubing from my front water tank and could not find the leak.  I have a tank on each side and one in the front.  Several times I have come to the boat and found the front tank empty.  Sometimes the bilge was full of water and sometimes not.   When I came to the boat today, I found the front tank empty and then realized that the side tanks were near overflowing (more full than when I left).  What I realized is that the water in not leaking out of the tubing, but rather it is leaking from the front tank into the side tanks.  The tubing from the three tanks lead into a manifold where I can choose which tanks are used for water.  If all three lines are open at the manifold (which they were this time), the front tank sits higher than the side tanks so the pressure moves the water from the front to the side tanks and if they are fairly full, thent he water overflows and leaks into the bilge.  So now I know that I should not leave all three open at the same time.  I can use the front tank first, and when empty I can switch to the side tanks.  Is this a normal arrangement or am I missing something?  Thanks- Dave

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