Stus-List Hydraulic backstay adjuster rebuild?

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Wed May 15 07:47:14 EDT 2019

This.  Not only did I pay $500 once to a Natvtec guy for a rebuild I was back within a year for a re-do.   For which he charged me again.   Hydro shop all the way.  Its not rocket science.
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FWIW, I got a quote from a Navtec certified rigger to rebuild my Navtec -10 for $800.  Instead I took the ram and the remote pump to a local hydraulic shop and they cleaned it, replaced the O-rings and bench tested it to 4000# for 30 minutes.   They charged me $30 and I tipped them $20, nine years ago.  Still tight, no drips.

You have several other options; get a new ram unit w integral pump, replace with a cascade pulley system like many one designs.

Chuck S

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Thanks, Brad. I forgot to mention that I'm in Victoria, BC, so I'd prefer to find someone local. I read over this article, and think I will inspect the rod to check for any damage first, as it sounds like that will necessitate a replacement vs. just new seals. With the number of C&Cs in the area, I suspect a local shop will be able to do it.<>

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Lew Townsend in Seattle might be able to repair that for you.  He did a great job on our Navtec Pump, not sure if he does Hydra Tech?

His number is 206.498.7282

Good Luck,

Brad Crawford

CnC 36 - Seattle

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Subject: Stus-List Hydraulic backstay adjuster rebuild?

Hello all,

It appears that the backstay adjuster is in need of a rebuild. Although the gauge reads to 2500psi, it struggles to reach 500, and slowly bleeds down. It is marked Hydra Tech Marine, Vancouver, BC. (which appears to be out of business), and looks like this:<>

Is this something I can rebuild myself by obtaining seals and o-rings, or should take it to a hydraulic shop?

Also, what range should it be set to on a '74 35, with twin forestays/furlers?



Shawn Wright

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Shawn Wright
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