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Have you tried disconnecting the cable at the gearbox and shifting into gear using only your hands?  Generally gearboxes (other than mechanical boxes on A4s or Paragon boxes) will snick in and out of gear with very little effort.  If the cable is antique(as in the original cable for the boat) go ahead and buy a new one, same length as the old one before it breaks or the gear shift on the pedestal breaks.  Since the cables use a solid rod inside the cable housing, wear will occur wherever the cable makes a bend.  It is undetectable to the eye and it will make the gearbox increasingly harder to put in gear.  If the boat won’t engage in either forward or reverse, I’ll put my money on the cable or the cable holder inside the pedestal shifter as the offending part.
My Landfall 35 has a shift mechanism at the pedestal that Edson stopped making in the 80’s with no replacement parts.  Same Hurth V drive on the 3HM Yanmar. Keeping the gear shifter functional saves me from a huge pedestal refit job.
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> It's been one year since the last problem...coupling bolts shearing off. Wrong grade bolts. Couldn't race in the regatta. 
> New year..same regatta.   We won the regatta but couldn't sail home. Wouldn't shift into gear to leave docks. Shift cables are moving,  v-drive is filled with oil. What do I check next? Has been slow to shift into gear lately. Will take all suggestions. 
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