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David, just went through the process of rationalizing straightening vs. new for a couple of slightly bent stanchions. Klacko Marine will build new for about $50 ea. but shipping is about the same $ from Canada to the US. Went to a local shop in Holland, Mi (Quality Marine Electronics) and got quoted $40 to straighten and $75 new. Went with new. Very ice job with a welded eye on top and no need for the cheap plastic inserts for the lower line. Klacko contact below.

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A few of my stanchions on my 1981  are not as straight as I would like due to years of use and the yard shrink-wrapping around them to the deck.  Anyone try to straighten theirs?  I understanding cold bending S/S is  not too fatiguing within reason…although they are stanchions and any fatigue might be detrimental.

Thanks in advance.

David F. Risch

Gulf Stream Associates

(401) 419-4650

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