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I like the idea of adding a tee in the sink drain for a fresh water flush -
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> I have seen heads discharge loops vented with a small hose led to an
> external vent.  Some were with inline check valves but some without.   The
> later was more common for anti-siphon at the raw water to exhaust mixing
> below.
> I thought about added a hose to my head discharge loop if it became a
> problem.   The longer the little rubber valve work, the more likely I’ll
> replace it as Dennis has done.
> The only head odor problem I have had was due to stagnate seawater in the
> inlet to head.   I fixed this by teeing the head inlet to the head sink
> drain.  When I leave the boat for an extended period, I now close off the
> seacock, fill the sink with some fresh water, and pump it through the
> head.  No more stench.
> -
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> The anti-siphon valve on the vented loop is usually not routed anywhere.
> It just sits on the top of the loop.
> It?s different from the tank vent.
> Dennis C.
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