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Agreed Marek,Perhaps I didn't understand how others were teed into their sink drain.  What I have usually seen is a tee in the drain which leads to the toilet bowl (for example going to between the seat and the bowl.  The head is flushed normally most of the time, but when you want it flushed with fresh water, close the sink seacock and fill the sink with fresh water.  The gravity would cause the fresh water to run from the sink and drain into the toilet bowl where it is then flushed through.  As for teeing the toilet intake into the sink drain, that would work but keep in mind the drain in the sink must be tightly closed, otherwise the toilet intake will draw in air,  not seawater.Am I making sense?Bruce Whitmore 1994 C&C 37/40+"Astralis"Sent from Samsung tablet.
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If you tee the drain from the head sink to the head intake hose, you would be able to pour AF into the sink and _pump_ it through the head pump, and all the inner working of the head. It would winterise the head
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I pour antifreeze down the hose.

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One thing I read from Peggy Hall the Head Mistress is that pouring antifreeze in to th head and pumping it out is insufficient to winterize the head because no water is drawn in through the intake hose.  This makes sense to me,  but i think it may depend
 on the design of the particular head.

Just a thought, 

Bruce Whitmore 

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