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I would highly recommend you contact Fred STreet of this List; fred at 
Fred was able spec and procure everything needed to install an under deck Octopus autopilot for my 37; its tight, but it works....very nice to have Fred as a resource as well... he has patiently helped me even when I ask repeat questions!
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I’ve given up on my Raymarine Ev-100 Tiller pilot.  It the motor drive alway’s kicks out and it’s a year old.  I’m assuming it’s under-powered for the size of boat I’m asking it to maneuver.  My electronics are B&G Triton2’s….looking at the B&G pilot model so that I can utilize my chart plotter, etc.  Any experience placing a ram underneath the stern rudder tube deck plate in these models?  there’s a location for a pedestal for other models instead of a tiller.  I hope to mount it underneath the deck plate but outside of the hull with a arm off of the rudder post below the tiller.  I am considering a ram style for the movement. 


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