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You could say it’s around the corner, but only if you are talking on a country-wide scale. This summer, the Enterprise will be moving to a slip at the Venice Yacht Club in Venice, FL — In fact, fellow lister Captain Rick Brass is working up a full plan and quote to bring her down. 

My business and residence will also be moving to southern Sarasota. You could say it has been an eventful winter around here. 

So, the Enterprise will travel over 1,300 miles to continue the voyages she has begun, seeking out strange new marinas and southern Florida civilizations, boldly going where no man, or no one, has gone before. 

Aside from Bruce’s C&C 37+ and a few others I know about, there’s not a whole lot of C&C action in the Gulf area, but maybe others will one day follow us to also live where others vacation. There is something VERY satisfying in knowing that last October was the last time I’ll winterize my engine and that I won’t really need to haul the boat again for at least a few years, then only to slap some new paint on the bottom and then go back sailing again. 

I’d love to get a Rendezvous together for late June or something like that in the LI Sound area — stay tuned for that. 

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Edd,  we do shore power as described by Josh. 
Where you moving to?
‘Round the corner?
Any updates on rendezvous?
We are in Stamford now with no excuses. 
Jon Pratt

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